NBA Draft Live Thread

With the first pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, Cleveland selects Kyrie Irving of Duke. The pick is Cleveland's first draft pick as they attempt to rebound from the LeBron departure.

Now Minnesota is on the clock. Do they keep the pick?

I think they keep the pick.

Im furious the Suns have once again picked the lesser twin brother. Robin Lopez, Taylor Griffin, Markieff Morris. UGH.

The worst part is Kawhi Leonard was still available. And somehow the Spurs are now gonna get him for george hill. Fuck me.

Not a fan of the Knicks pick. They had Singleton and Furiad still on the board.

Minnesota is such a mess lol

 The fuck is Chicago doing drafting/trading for 3 forwards? Before it was we had three guards and still looking to draft more guards and needing big men, now we have plenty of fucking big men, no shooting guard and they wasted three picks on forwards. Seriously. W.T.F. I mean I understand this draft class being weak as shit but don't get more of what we already have, or at least trade those picks for something we could use.

 You draft for the the future, not the present.

You make trades and sign FA for the present.

You draft for the future when there is no future in sight. You trade draft picks away when you are one or two pieces away from winning a championship.