NBA Finals Broke Records on Social Media

  • The league saw a 19% increase in video plays during the 2022 Finals.
    • Instagram Reels accounted for 60% of the NBA’s social video plays.


JUNE 21, 2022

The NBA closed out the season with a bang on social media.

The league eclipsed 2 billion video plays for a 19% increase over last year — the latest evidence that the league has become a model for digital marketing in sports.

The uptick was due to several factors: The NBA celebrated its 75th anniversary, and the Finals featured a clash between the Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtics, two high-profile franchises in two of the biggest sports markets.

But the year belonged to Finals MVP Steph Curry, who became the league’s most marketed player, accounting for 28% of the NBA’s social video plays amid a pair of legendary performances in the title series.

The matchup, star presence, and aggressive marketing made for a record-breaking NBA Finals on social media.

  • Video plays were up 19% from 2021; 45% from 2020; 56% from 2019.
  • Instagram Reels (716M) accounted for 60% of the NBA’s social views during the Finals.
  • The league hit 88 million YouTube views — a 60% jump from 2021; 47% from 2020.

On NBA-related sites and apps (i.e., NBA App), the league drew 61 million visits during the series — a 13% increase from last year.

The league is already a powerhouse in this space, and its dominance should only increase with the emergence of a younger demographic enjoying the game via social media — even if the bar has now been set formidably high.

“NBA cable ratings are down! Haha go woke go broke! I hate the NBA but wont stop talk about it on the OG! LeBron is literally Hitler!!!” - Right wing OGers

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What was woke about this years playoffs? Curious


I hope Steph used his platform to call for Britneys Feedom!


Steve Kerr and others were pretty outspoken about the need for gun control.

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Now do television ratings.



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It was a great playoffs this year. We’ve got some new blood over the last few years that are making things interesting.

Hope Memphis can get further next season!

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I have no skin in the game here as I don’t watch the NBA so don’t give a fuck how woke or not they are but I’m curious how highlight reels on social media translate to ratings. I would assume overall viewership is down, no?

Let’s be fair, even though I could give two fucks about basketball I will still click to watch a nice dunk or someone getting their ankles broken if it comes across my feed.

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Oh fuck this thread isn’t about basketball is it? This is going to be 400 posts of political arguing. OF COURSE

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I’ll take it. Might be the most interesting post that will be made in this entire thread.

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I mean, whenever I decide a fight card is too shitty to pay for, I just watch video clips on twitter as they happen. That’s what this is an indication of. People don’t want to go to/watch all/support the games, so they get their instant gratification on social media.

Now is that a benefit? Idunno, I’m an idiot. Is the NBA monetizing these social media posts in a way that it’s offsetting the lost revenue of traditional viewership? Idunno.