NBA Finals Broke Records on Social Media


It means interest isn’t dying. It means going “woke” won’t go broke. They monetize the digital stuff. It’s 2022 bro.

That’s the whole point. Kids nowadays don’t watch cable lol. You guys are stuck in 1990.

Gives me a good chuckle. Guys ignore me but still post in my thread and reply to me. Lol

But has the nba managed to monetize social media the same way they did cable?

Do you think if rating are down on cable but up for social media clips that the nba will come out ahead financially the next time they need to negotiate their tv deals?

Edit for clarity: do you think the money from social media will make up for lost cable revenues?

Yes, I do.

Nba is progressive enough to evolve and not rely on cable which is a dying medium.

Every company that traditionally made most money on cable is dealing with the same problem.

That’s why those threads by @camicom or others, ridiculing companies for having low cable ratings, are so ridiculous. Cable is dying. Wokeness has nothing to do with it.

Define “kids”.

The “kids” I know in their 20s and 30s that watch basketball do it on TV, not social media.

Again, show me the television ratings.

I’d like to see another episode in the Detective Fuck series.

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Nobody talks just cable anymore in terms of views. Stop acting like you know everything. There’s lots of talk about the how bad attendance and ratings are. The league isnt making real money of video clips. It’s tv/cable/media contracts and that’s king. Nobody cares about TikTok views you cunty cunterson

They aren’t streaming the games online? Everyone I know does that. Very few people from 18 to 35 have a cable package that they use to watch NBA unless they live at home with parents

Talk to your homies that clown the nba for being woke and having bad cable ratings lol

How do you think they’re going to do that? Even a 10% loss in their next tv deal would be around the 7.5-8 billion dollar range. You really think the nba can make up $7.5 billion off of social media through the clips that they’re showing?