I'm from Chicago and I am a die hard Bulls fan but now i live in the south Jersey/Philly market and nobody gives a shit about the sixers lol I saw that league pass is $199 for the season for all teams and $119 for a single team. I'd obviously go with the entire nba for the value behind it. Does anybody have this and if so is it worth it? Also has anybody gotten this for free with any providers? For example you can call and threaten to cancel and they always hook you up to stay, maybe someone leveraged this?

Go Bulls! Phone Post 3.0

If you have direct tv you could get if cheap out free by saying you've had issues. Phone Post 3.0

Bam57Bam - If you have direct tv you could get if cheap out free by saying you've had issues. Phone Post 3.0
I have Verizon fios Phone Post 3.0

I bought the internet version one time, all teams. Games that are nationally televised (abc, tnt, etc.) are blacked out. I believe it also doesn't include playoffs. It was nice but wouldn't do it again. Bulls are gonna be a rough watch anyway ;)

It's easy to leverage NFL sunday ticket but NBA league pass is pretty hard.

Here's a tip, a huge chunk of the hardcore NBA fans use a site called Ballstreams. It's been running for 2-3 years(invite only) and gets stellar reviews because it provides full HD 60FPS streams of all games with no blackouts and with home/away feeds. It costs 60 for the whole season. Even includes archives of all the games, and has apps so you can use it on your Apple TV, Roku Box,

You can google to see all the positive feedback. I have an account on there but I haven't paid for this season yet, right now they have issues with the billing system so no new registration for about 2 weeks, if you or anyone else is interested let me know and I'll bump this thread with an invite link.

Here's a video review by the way

Is there an option to listen to Stacy King? If not, I wouldn't get it!!! Phone Post 3.0

And VTFU!!! Phone Post 3.0