NBA Live 10 ... anyone playing?

Just curious if anyone is playing this year

Why would anyone be playing that instead of 2K10?

wow.. already

Well let's see considering you can't play 2k10 online right now without serious lag and disconnect issues... or try out their My Player mode without serious framerate issues in games with crowds... or seeing as how they didn't make many improvements over NBA2k9 whereas NBA Live 10 made mass improvements admitted by EA haters and 2k fanboys alike...

I guess you can find a reason to play it.

The gameplay on NBA Live is much improved. The gameplay on NBA 2k10 probably still has a slight edge but the online is completely unplayable. I only really play online so it's nice that Live keeps up. I have been getting waxed online too, a little bit of a learning curve than last season lol

For me it's all about the fun. I've persevered with the 2K series and am sick of wierd layups under the hopp with centres and power forwards. You really have to invest time to get the flow of getting dunks and event then it is still shithouse.

Had a bash at the Live demo and it feels much more fluid. Live 10 will be my choice this time around.

The end result of Live is actually more polished than the demo believe it or not.

I won't lie about the freestyle passing ... it is VERY VERY much risk/reward lol

I have had probably 10 turnover off it alone in about 5 games (so I use it less) but then again I had Iverson throw a behind the back to Zach Randolph to have him dunk on Rashard Lewis which made it worth it imo