NBA record for points against avg?

anyone have any idea what the record is for a season of points against for a team? i dont know it but im sure the knicks will break it giving up 130 points every fucking night. luckily they could outscore Orlando 119-111 tonight but enough is enough already, van gundy must look at their box score and cringe. it would take teams 4 games to score that many points against them when he was coaching.

90-91 Denver Nuggets allowed 130.8 PPG

New York is only giving up 98.14 PPG.

Denver never held a team under 100 points all season.

holy shit thats nuts

"90-91 Denver Nuggets allowed 130.8 PPG"

I don't think thats a fair comparison, thats the year Paul Westhead coached the Nuggets, so you really can't use tha year