NBA says "screw you EA"

NBA rejects EA's bid for exclusivity, plus more dealings behind the scenes in the sports game arena.
December 20, 2004 - Rumors, rumors everywhere, and everyone is talking about one thing, EA's attempt to take over the world...or at least the world of video games.

Last week, Electronic Arts, the NFL, and Players Inc. sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry as they announced an unprecedented five-year exclusivity partnership. But it looks like Electronic Arts had even bigger plans as they also had talks about an exclusive arrangement with the NBA. Sources have told me, however, that the NBA has rejected EA's initial offer.

One of the reasons is that the NBA Live series simply doesn't have a stranglehold on the market the way Madden has for years, so by signing an exclusive deal with EA, the NBA would actually be losing money. There are simply too many NBA video game properties that sell big units for the deal to make sense, from the ESPN NBA series to NBA Ballers to 989's games that are set to hit both the PS2 and PSP.

Sources aren't quite as clear in terms of potential dealings with Major League Baseball as a few publishers were worried a deal was already in place for EA to step in and take over like they did with the NFL. But after the EA/NFL deal went down, at least one publisher was able to re-up their MLB contract for three more games, so it looks like a false alarm as the only exclusive EA was able to lockup for the time being was the NFL.

That's really awesome that the NBA rejected those fucks.


EA has acquired a good percentage of Ubisoft. Only a matter of time before that's done.

EA is the walmart of gaming, minus the low prices.

good news about the nba.

EA exclusivity just hurts gamers. They will have no competition and will not improve or add to their games.
Fuck EA, Sega 2k series will always be better and they know it. I still can't forgive them for what they did to Command and Conquer.

Thanks NBA. I don't plan to buy another new EA game for a long time.

Looks through personal game library for and EA game

Yeah,fuck EA!

"EA exclusivity just hurts gamers. They will have no competition and will not improve or add to their games. Fuck EA, Sega 2k series will always be better and they know it."

Exactly, FUCK those bitchass motherfuckers!!!

What? No more Sega 2k football games for 5 years? Fuck - it completely owned Madden for the past few years and I didn't see anything changing. Oh well - there are always roster updates.

Steve, no worries, you're the one who's stuck with the shitsauce games, not us. Yu phucking doosh!!

I wonder if Sega will find some way around this and release another football game with the same gameplay as ESPN 2k5 but without the NFL licenese and under a different brand? Perhaps an arena or imaginary league? I think there are a lot of things they could do, but would it sell?

ttt for the return of Mutant League Football!

Unfortunately, as much as I would like to see it return, Mutant League Football was an EA title as well.


shit, I forgot- well how about Mutant Football League?

ttt for pigskin footbrawl

What would the world be like if EA owned every sports franchise.

Damn does that mean EA will publish the next splinter cell, if they acquire Ubisoft.

Honestly, NBA wouldv'e sold if other people weren't making as good Basketball games. It's only because Madden has been percieved as the best for so long.

Fuck EA for ruining the Bond series...

I heard ESPN is going to make a game based on
that football TV show they had, I cant remember the
name if it. Supposedly it will be more violent like
Blitz used to be.