NBA wants Lakers to win?

Why is Malone not suspended for his elbow but Peeler was?

Peeler threw two elbows (one to the face, which can be considered a punch and carries an automatic suspension), Malone threw only one. You can't just walk up to someone, elbow them in the face and not expect a suspension.

Yes, Peeler threw 2, thats why he got a two game suspension. Malone still should have gotten a 1 game suspension.

Anythinggoes - You're right. It was more of Karl's shoulder as he blatantly ran through Martin's pick.

Clearly it's the result of a conspiracy. That's the only reasonable explanation.

Malone could rape Wally on the court and the refs would call Wally for the blocking foul. Blocking his anus!

LOFL @ boudreaux