NCAA Football 2004- no huddle

How do you run a no huddle offense in this damn game? It kicks ass, btw :)

ok i figured it out (its triangle after a play)

My favorite game!

I rape people with my no huddle offense on NCAA 2004.

If you want to do the same I suggest you do the following...

1. Use only one formation.
2. Pick 5 kickass plays to use as your audibles.
3. Choose the #1 absolute favorite play of yours and make sure it's different than your audibles.

You now have a disgusting 6 play no huddle offense. Prepare to compile alot of landslide victories and to lose many friends because of your "cheapness."

ISFA, I rape on Heisman difficulty (even though I cant kick well because i think my buttons are a little worn) and whenever i play friends. I haven't used no huddle (unless i am down) very much but I Play action all over mother fuckers, I call hot routes left and right and generally fuck up everyones day.

One thing I would like to know, how do you switch from a run to a pass and vise verse without an audible? I't would be nice to toss a nice pass when i see the LBs and CBs coming up without then having them fall back in a different formation as i do.

Switching the play without an audible?

I don't think that's possible, bro.

Your best bet would be to run only one formation call whatever it is that you want from your audibles and then do something to throw your opponent off.

For instance when I want to audible to a run, but need to psyche my bitch out a little bit I'll signal for a hot route to make him think that I am passing.

And as far as seeing dudes creeping in...
Well that's the best time to call a hella quick audible followed by the snap. I eat people alive on 1 on 1 coverage with that.

no dude not switch the play, switch from a rush to a pass without changing the play. I just think it would be more realistic if you could switch at the line.

Well, you sort of can do that if you do what I'm talking about. It would be nice if you could do what you are talking about as it would do less to tip off your opponent on defense, but going no huddle with a balance of run and pass plays is your only option for doing anything remotely close to what you are trying to accomplish.

yeah, actually thats pretty much what i have been doing anyway.

One last thing, can you put a created player on your dynasty team in the off season?