NCAA Wrestling 2021

Called it! lol

Big for them. Definitely will be the odds on favorites to win another title for sure now.

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I want Fix to beat him in the finals the next season.


AJ Ferrari out at Ok St after sexual assault allegation.

What a mess with AJ. Fuck

I can’t believe John smith put up with him that long

Yep, he seems to be a too much of a distraction at this point. Some B1G teams are probably salivating though.

Season is coming up quick. Should we start a 2022 thread or keep this one? @B_Sharps

New thread imo.

Spencer Lee Bitch!


maybe throw a link in this thread so we can find it?


Im going to iowa state/wisconsin dual this weekend. Pretty pumped about that


I can start one but I think that honor belongs @B_Sharps. He is the most prolific in this thread and is probably the most up to date on knowledge (no offense to others). I’ll give it until tomorrow and then I’ll start it if he hasn’t.


I am watching “My name is Jordan” right now. Good stuff


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I’d be good with starting a new one. Looking forward to the season.

My son has his first college matches this weekend at Virginia Tech. Looking forward to it but keeping my expectations in check since he’s a freshman “again “


Wrestling is gay

Are you close by? Are you able to make any of his matches/tournaments?

Started official 2022 thread. Link is here

Definitely, I’m in NC, his school is in WV, with remote work it will make it easy even during the week