Ndamukong Suh is Albert Haynesworth 2.0

Miami was foolish to give this guy that kind of money. He hasn't done shit for that defense. It's actually significantly worst that it was without him.

The lions dodged a bullet. I could swear they were gonna sign him to a Cabrera deal. Phone Post 3.0

I'm wearing my dolphins Suh shirt in shame. Phone Post 3.0

So pissed. Knew he was a dirt bag but he was gonna be the dolphins dbag. For the fins fans it's Mike Wallace 2.0 without even contributing that much. Phone Post 3.0

Havent watched the fish this year but he gets double teamed the majority of plays right? And this should free up the linebackers to make plays unblocked. I think most teams would have him start as a dt. Phone Post 3.0