ndia’s Super Fight League to debut ‘The Ultimate F

By Thinesh John

The Super Fight League, a promotion that is owned by IPL cricket team owner Raj Kundra and Bollywood superstar Sanjay Dutt, is in the midst of launching a series that will be similar to the UFC's 'The Ultimate Fighter'.

Titled 'The Super Fighter', it will be India's first ever MMA reality TV show, which will showcase fighters from India that will be trained by renowned international coaches, with the winner earning 20 lakhs and a 3-year contract (Worth 50 lakhs) with the Indian-based promotion.

Young, up and coming Indian Mixed Martial Artists will be living under one roof. However, unlike the current TUF series that airs on FX, fans will get the chance to vote for the fighters that they'd like to see do battle, on a Friday night each week. Furthermore, 'The Super Fighter' is set to go on for 50 days and will air on 'Colors', a channel that's based in Mumbai, India.

For more details, you can visit www.superfightleague.com.

^ India's Super Fight League to debut 'TUF'

To clarify: 'Lakh" is an Indian term meaning 100,000... presumably the press release is talking payment in rupees.  20 lakh rupees is: 2,000,000 rupees.. or bout $36,200 US.

couldn't you buy most of india for $36,000?

Kultar Gill has a stable of guys available, was talking to him a couple times last week- he wants to get his guys to SFL.

Cant wait to see him fight again

Kultar Gill is always entertaining, hell his post fight speech was epic!