NE Grappling Challenge 3 Features


Features Of The NE Grappling Challenge III Are:

> Exclusive No-Gi Tournament
2 Matches For Each Competitor
> Pre-registration Of Just $35.00 Open Through February 4
2 8-Man Absolute Divisions
> Round Robin Format For Absolute Divisions

exclusive No-Gi tournament offers divisions for Men, Women, Children, Teen and Masters, with
skill levels of Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Age and weight will divide the Children
and Teen Divisions, while Men, Women and Masters Divisions will be divided by weight and skill
level. To assure fairness, competitors will only be allowed to compete at their skill level.

Each competitor is guaranteed 2 matches, which offers them an opportunity to grapple
for 3rd place.

Pre-registration is just $35.00 post-marked by February 4. A registration
form in downloadable PDF format is available for your convenience at

The third installment of this
growing northeast tournament will feature 2 8-Man Absolute Divisions. The resume and
selection process is complete and the names of the 16 competitors will be announced shortly.

What can be said is that members of American Top Team,
Brazilian Top Team,
RGDA, Team Renzo Gracie,
and Tai-Kai are confirmed to compete for the top spot and
$1,000 in each division.

The Absolute Divisions feature a round robin structure where
competitors are guaranteed at least 3 matches. The number one criteria for winning will be
submissions in this unique format promoting constant action and less stalling. For more information,