NE Grappling Holanda & St. Pierre



Absolute Division Competitors Announced

Ithaca, New York -- The NE Grappling Challenge
returns to Ithaca, New York, on Saturday, February 12, with an exclusive No-Gi tournament
featuring 2 8-Man Absolute Divisions. Some of the top teams in North America will be
represented when 16 of their best hit the mats competing for the top spot and $1,000 in
each division.

Members of
American Top Team,
Brazilian Top Team,
Team Renzo Gracie,
Richmond BJJ, Hudson Valley JJ,
Saunders BJJ,
Jacare and
Balance Studios are confirmed
to compete in the Absolute Divisions hosted at the Hill Center at
Ithaca College. Presented by Ryan Ciotoli and
Joseph Cunliffe, the divisions are stacked with champions and veterans of
Abu Dhabi,
Grapplers Quest,
the Arnold Classic,
the Gracie Nationals,
the Kumite Classic,
the Mundials and the Pan Ams.

Spectators will be wowed by grapplers synonymous with determination, excitement, heart and
good sportsmanship.

The 8-Man Lightweight Absolute Division Features:

Pablo Popovich of ATT in Florida

Fabio Holanda of BTT Canada in Canada

Andrew Calandrelli of Renzo Gracie in Connecticut

Jason Tabor of RGDA in New Jersey

Len Sonia of Tai-Kai in New York

Andrew Smith of Richmond BJJ in Virginia

Brian McLaughlin of Hudson Valley JJ in New York

Kyle Saunders of Saunders BJJ in New York

The 8-Man Heavyweight Absolute Division Features:

Jeff Monson of ATT in Washington

Georges St. Pierre of BTT Canada in Canada

Jason White of Renzo Gracie in New York

Anthony Argyros of RGDA in New Jersey

Ken Kronenberg of Tai-Kai in New York

Chris Moriarty of Jacare in Georgia

Richard Macauley of Balance Studios in Pennsylvania

Roger Neff of Neff Grappling in Idaho

The NE Grappling Challenge III is sponsored by
Grappling Magazine,,,, and Global Home Loans.

For more information, visit
or e-mail

ttt for 2 of the best guys in the world

Jeff monsen is a really BAD man right now...

moriarty is tough!

Tough competition for Georges. Could this kid challenge himself anymore?

George fighting heavyweight ??


yeah, why is he fighting heavyweight. He's not much heavier than Hollanda is he?

Wow! Go get 'em!

I'll take Fabio to repeat in the lightweights.

Would LOVE to see St.P vs Kronenberg. From what I saw of Kronenberg, he's a strong, methodical fighter, whereas Georges is a strong, ballistic fighter. If they match them up, it will be interesting as hell.

Why is Wade Shanley not on that list? What's a guy got to do?



Awesome brackets. The favorites are Monson and Popovich, both probable ADCC invitees. But a win over either of the guys could mean an ADCC berth, so there is a lot at stake here.

Good luck to Holanda and St. Pierre.

sweet. good luck to both Holanda and GSP

May the Kimura be with them...

LOL thanks Joe you really are my biggest fan!

Go Fabio and George!


event looks awesome Go George, Go Fabio!

I second what Crazyhook said, Kashk is right as well..TOUGH divisions, best of luck Fabio and Georges!

Wade, I am your biggest fan giggles like a schoolgirl

Best of my luck to my cous' A. Argyros

double post

These are tough divisions. Although not each competitor is as well known as the next, each has a training and/or competition resume that warrants their participation.

I am a Wade fan too * blushes*