NE1 have exp. with N. Texas Mixed Martial Arts?

Head instructors - Tery Corkran Joe Christopher

The school looks pretty reputable and Joe’s record (9 wins 3 losses) seems noteworthy.
A good friend of mine is interested in training there.

Or if you know of any other schools in the Dallas /Fort Worth area please recommend.

Thanks for the recommendations in advance. is my Dallas home for trane-ing.  JD Shelley got his black belt from Jacare and is an incredible instructor.

Corkran is a very nice guy and is legit, I just prefer JD's for high level training partners and many active mma fighters.

Thank you lancifer.

That is a really good school.We have had them come down and fight on our shows and they have performed very well and are very professional to deal with.


DaddyO4, Thanks for the rec. I am gong to tell my friend to go there based on your feedback.