Neale to the Sabres

WGR 550)- Multiple sources are reporting that NHL analyst Harry Neale is leaving the Toronto Maple Leafs broadcasts to replace Jim Lorentz as colorman on the Buffalo Sabres broadcasts this season.

Not really big news but hockey news none the less

Was he doing strictly laffs as well as HNIC, I guess I mean is he leaving just the laffs broadcast team or HNIC altogether?

yea he was doing like every Leaf game. His boring cliches would not fit in well with Rick jeannarret (or however you spell his name).

Had to deal with his bias when Ottawa played against the Maple Leafs and then in the playoffs against Buffalo.


"meh..ottawa is going to the stanley cup, overtime goal, afredssan...."

Good riddance.

he's still doing hnic

He lives in Buffalo and is old. Most likely hates the commute, I can't blame him.