Near Ohio..Come meet Rich Franklin

Rich Franklin and Jorge Gurgel have confirmed they will be supporting our fundraising event by their attendance. Come out and meet them, have a blast, and support a great cause! It is in Dayton, Ohio this Sunday at 8 P.M. More info can be found at
This is a ticketed event. email for ticket info.




I am in Iowa, so making the event is not feasible, but I wish you luck with your fundraising. I do have a question,if you can help. I would like to find out how I get ahold of Rich. I have a 2-day event in Des Moines Iowa on May 12 and 13, and would like to bring him in as a guest and possibly a seminar on the Saturday morning. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you!
Pete Peterson

Pete, try his website. If no luck hit me back Fri. or Sat. and Ill print your post and give it to him Sunday.

i checked his site, but the contacts are for the gyms he trains at, not him directly. I have already spoken with Neal Rowe, and he is extremely busy right now, he said, and while he spoke with me on the upcoming fight card, he was not able to reply regarding Rich. So, I thought I would check this route. Thanks again, for the help. If you can give him the info, I would really appreciate it. He can get more info on our site at

Pete best option is to email Rich's website. You can call and leave a msg at Jorges Gym, or another option is to contact Monte Cox.

Thanks for the info!

True dat. Ok. Hey Neils website has no contact info..he is a friend of got an email for him?


I too could pass along an email, as I am the Team Manger & Vice-President of Team Jorge Gurgel...just include exactly what it is you want, and I can pass on the email...

- Dustin


You going to be able to make it to the benefit?



ttt and thanks vengance

You've got mail Dustin. Thanks.


Cant make moms & family are coming to Ohio to see me....maybe next time.

Good luck with the turn out...

ily man

Yes...I am a Mamma's boy