Here's the entire scoop on building and using a
neck helmet:

Parts needed:

1. Hockey or football helmet that fits very snug. A
double strap chincup assembly works best (two
straps per side)

2. 3/4" pipe floor flange

3. Approx. 8" piece of 3/4" threaded pipe

4. Nuts, bolts, and washers to fit the flange.
Remember that the bolts will go through the top of
the helmet and the flange, so get them the right
length. I can't tell you what length to get, since
different helmets have individual dimensions.

5. One dumbbell collar and weight plates with 1"
hole (standard)

You want the pipe to stick up from the top of the
helmet like a "unicorn". It's best if the pipe tilts
slightly forward 10-15 degrees.

Place the flange on top of the helmet and mark the
hole locations. Drill the holes in the helmet, and
try not to ruin the internal padding. Push the bolts
through from the inside out the top, and place the
flange in position. Remember to use washers on
both sides of the helmet material. Bolt the flange
onto the helmet. Thread in the piece of pipe.

You're done.

Load the pipe with weight plates to use the helmet.
Be sure to secure the plates with the collar before

Front of neck: Lay back on a bench with your head
hanging off the end. Perform the chin-to-chest
motion smoothly. Don't jerk, or you may be typing
with a straw next time you're on the forum!

PLATE TO START. Get the feel of the leverage
created by the helmet before you go heavy. You
won't get a second chance if you screw up. The
helmet places the weight in a line above your head
and the leverage is much greater than any other
neck exerciser. Headstraps, etc. have the weight
in line with your forehead, not well above your
head. Big difference.

Sides of neck: Lay on your side with one elbow
underneath you to prop you up. Touch your "ear to
shoulder" on both sides, then flip over and repeat.

Back of neck: Get on all fours and perform the
"chin-to-chest" movement. You can also combine
the neck motions with pushups, bear crawls, etc.
to modify the challenge. The helmet is the only
neck exerciser that allows you to perform other
grappling-specific movements while loading your
neck. The helmet stays out of the way.

I'm sorry that it took so long to finish these helmet
instructions for you. I've been swamped here, as
I'm in the final processes of obtaining State
Certification as a Specialized High-Risk Instructor
and Professional Lecturer for the Dept. of Public
Safety. Paperwork and meetings.....YUK.

If there are any questions, please post them here.
I'll be checking back in occasionally, and be glad to
help out.




wouldn't it also make sense to add weight posts to the sides like viking horns to better affect the side-neck excersizes? Can anyone else tell me if a tool like this would have any adverse effects on your neck?

good stuff man

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I have to build one of these things!


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