Neckcrank = damaged for life?

The other night in class I was neckcranked from a guillotene position but instead of being a choke, my partner used the "blade" of his forearm to crank the side of my head. I have been cranked by some big strong guys and the pain has always been far different. The pressure on this was not to my spine, but rather, it felt as though he dug a knife into my ear. The crank was on my cheek bone right beside my ear. Ever since then I have had no feeling in that side of my cheek! Also my jaw hurts really bad when I open it a certain way.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? I hope this is something that will go away on its own.

Thanks in advance,


it goes away. I've had it much worse, many times over. It takes weeks to months for it to heal.


I have been cranked hard in a "can opener" style crank before, and most of us have at some point when learning to roll. But this was different, there was absolutely no pressure at all on my spine, I got this crazy pain that I literally had a large knife blade stabbed into my ear. I really doubt I would have tappeed to this technique under normal circumstances, but it was only rolling and damn did it send a searing pain through my head. It was not a strength or power move at all. In fact, I never have to tap to cranks in training performed by guys who outweight me and I'm a heavyweight, this guy was only around 170 lbs! Now I have no sensation in my cheek and my jaw doesn't seem to close right anymore. Its really weird.



Go see a doctor, you may have pinched(sp) a nerve, thats why the loss of feeling. I got bitten on the finger once in a fight and lost the feeling on the tip of my finger for a few days, the doctor told me it was a pinched nerve and it would go back to normal. It did after about 10 days.

Take care

P.S: Yeah, I beat the living crap out of the guy.

SmashBug , dude, you may need an MRI. those are symptoms of herniated cervical spine disk. thats what I have and Im planning on having surgery for it. I hope is not, but , just get it checked out before it get worst.

Could be nothing.

Could be serious.

If no improvement in 12 to 14 days, go see your doctor.