Ned Beaumont

I actually came across Ned Beaumont's Kill As Catch Can book in a local bookstore. Can anyone comment on his books? They look suspect and I think in the pass some have said that but just wanted to know the consensus here.

I really enjoyed his two boxing books, but don't know about the wrestling one.

I read the book several years ago. It is written in much the same anecdotal, story-telling style as his first boxing book (I haven't read 'Savage Science'), but I wouldn't put the two books in the same class. The Kill-As-Catch-Can book may be worth having for some, but I don't feel, in your case, that you'll garner much new knowledge from it. His examination of scientific wrestling is sparse, and many of the techniques he shows, at least in my opinion, are a bit unworkable. There are MANY better books on the subject. To his credit, at least he does try to give wrestling its rightful credit as a self-defense art.

On a four star scale, I'd probably give it about a 2 or 2.5.

Nathan Hatton

I thought Dave Meltzer's 5 * scale was the consensus system of rating in the field of wrestling :)

I prefer the binary thumb system...

The books author Ned Beaumont is a pseudonym, the real name escapes me right now. For an experienced athlete the book is no more than a bathroom read. I do feel he offers some good sound advice on conditioning. Its not very expensive so its nice to keep in my collection. Look for it used. I almost forgot the techniques are drawings not pictures.

Is it a pseudonym for Terry Funk?

I think that Beaumont may be the pen name of Bradley J. Steiner, who has written tons of useful stuff on conditioning and weightlifting. The writing styles are similar.

I have one of his boxing books; I wasn't too thrilled with it. The only reason I bought it was because it was cheap on ebay or It had very few, if any illustrations.

" They talk about "lacing" and such..."

I've been both "laced" and have "laced" others :)

I'm old.......

My boxing coach had worked with Willie Pep and Lew Jenkins, that's oldchool there.