I need a 135lb. girl kickboxer or Thaiboxer for the K-1 on April 29th. She would be facing Gina Carano from Las Vegas. If anyone knows of one, let me know ASAP.

Kit... I listened to you a bit tonight on Faction with Ellis. Keep coming on the show dude, you're cool as hell.


Dude, are you kiddin me? I am looking for a fighter for the K-1 If you want to ask questionsstart another thread.

Thanks Lefty. Does anyone know any girl who will take this fight?


don't mind fightnow.. he's a newb and doesn't reflect us all... u atleast tested yourself.... AND you were on MTV.

fightnow, now that you have never made it to the UFC how do you think your wet dreams about MMA will go?

Oh and TTT

Sawadee, Kit -

what about checking with Mike Miles on Sandra Bastian? (11-8 record)


HAHA. Be nice guys. It's kinda like scolding a retard, I guess. I'll be back in there. This time a little better pieced together. Can someone pleas help me with this fighter?

Thanks Pisand. I need her to be from So Cal. Forgot to mention that. K-1's wishes.

Does nobody know a 135 pound girl fighter in so Cal? Please guys, don't make me go to another forum!

Kit, i put this on the fightergirls forum too, so hopefully you get some replies. :)

Thanks Jesse!

you could ask that girl that just got beat up by Mia St. John. I believe she's around that weight. Don't know if she could be considered a kickboxer though. Oh yeah, and I believe she is from FL too.


yeah debi purcel

What's up kitt? Give me a call (909)883-7273 or e-mail me through my web Brian Warren  Take Care & GOD BLESS!

Ek-Yotin in Santa Clarita might have a few.

what about debbie purcel?

Thanks everyone. Does anyone have coach Pong's contact info? (Coach Pong = Ek-Yotin)