Need 135 lber for Tuff-N-Uff


Welp been training my buddy Jaime "JAIMER TIME" Hernandez to reign down the fury in the Tuff-N-Uff fights going on the 18th this month at the Orleans in Vegas.

Just found out last night that they don't have an opponent for him, because I guess they can't find a 135 lb amateur fighter in Las Vegas available to fight September 18th.


Is there any amateur guys on here that want a crack at my boy Jaime the 18th this month? He's only had 2 fights in Amateur.




Give me a call I have a guy 5-1 out of Tennessee. Joey 865-771-9775.


Must be in Las Vegas area, and its AMATEUR


 A Fighter wanting to move forward, would get himself to Vegas in a hurry!!!



I'm from MN and am coming to vegas that friday. Wouldn't mind checking these out. Where are they held? Time? Thanks

Az combat has a fighter at 135, Berry I think you still have my #. Trevor Lally.

Somebody needs to get on this!