Need 170 pro 4/12 fayetteville, nc

I'm looking to squeeze in one more pro fight on my card. I'm looking for a begginer pro at 170. The opponent is dale wooden 1-0 pro 4-3 am. Contact me at Will need hep, b,c hiv and a dilated eye exam. Also if any promoters have need for a begginer 155 lbs (Matt taira 1-2) I have one who needs a fight and i couldn't fit him on my card, thnx.

I have a guy, 2-0 with all Meds. Will you fly athlete and corner out? We are from Arizona.

Jeremiah-call me.

I have a 170, 1-0 and a 155, 1-1. Both have their medicals current. You can reach me at .

The car will be at the crown arena. Tickets will go on sale march 8th on ticketmaster and at the crown. We're looking for a local guy for wooden as hes pretty begginer. However, a guy just got hurt so i need a replacement 155lbs to fight jason palacios 5-3, and i would be willing to fly a fighter and a corner out. Jason is a tough kid with good kickboxing and hes real good for a blue belt in jiujitsu.

I also have two really good amatuer 170 ers Im looking to match up, pat wiggs and sam vanderslice.

u got mail of the guy u want!