Need 170lbr for Adam Lynn (Guam)

"How about the NativeAmericanAssassin? "

"Fred...I think Chris is looking for someone that will
actually show up and fight."

Well if he's going to be picky, then I guess he'll
have to do without the best stand up fighter in MMA.

Believe me, I am 100% kidding.



THE CANNON will do it if no ones steps up...

Passport in hand and Ready to go :-)

Shannon "The Cannon"

Drew Fickett. He obviously doesn't get enough fights considering his skill level.


You dont need a passport to go to guam :) as long as you dont come through japan.

shannon aren't you fighting this thursday?


Jason Medina's ticket has been purchased... the fight is set.

LOL at Dan praticing!

A rematch would be very cool between Kyle!

Damn so we got:

Buck Greer(NG) VS Tony Fryklund (Miletich)
Adam Lynn(NG) VS Jason Medina (Miletich)

on this card ??? Is this set??

Now all we need is Bennan vs Millitich #4

Awesome! Have Fun Adam!



XFC- Don't tease. I would give a nut...

Jason and Adam will fight.

Buck may also be fighting Macaco in Brazil on the 15th in "The Jungle"

Kick ass Adam! cant wait to train with you and chris again this summer. look out for my new standup skiiz! jk i still suck.

Buck may also be fighting Macaco in Brazil on the 15th in "The Jungle"

Thought that was going to be Thomas Denny?

Actually, Koschek would have been a bit much for Lynn ...Wouldnt have been a wise choice if he was looking for a W .....

I will kick adam's punk ass!

Who does he think he is with all those tattoos?

I'll send him back to murrysville.

Latrobe represent!


Mac- are you talking about kicking Medina's ass or some other Jason? Just not understanding your post.

Sherdog- I guess he is out because Wallid called yesterday for Buck. Was Denny fighting him at 185?

sorry... I don't know why I wrote 'jason'.. I think I need to get some sleep.. my brain isn't working...

me and adam are boys.. I was joking

PS-- What's up, tim!.. how've you been?