need 185 ammy for shoXC card

August 25 --- Vicksburg Convention Center

Undercard for the shoXC card featuring Charles "Crazyhorse" Bennett. We need an amateur with less than 4 fights to face a fighter in his debut.

Damn, I wish I was about 30lbs heavier, this would be an awesome opportunity!

If you have any training partners who might be interested, let me know.

LawdyMama and Skip --- If you know of anyone who fits the bill please email their info to me. It's a great opportunity for some exposure on a nationally televised event with top level pro fighters.

John Salter would be perfect for this. I think Hiza Geri would be able to get in touch with John for you.

BTW Phillip, I got your email, give you a call after I get out of the office later today.

e-mail his info to me so I can look it over and get it into the right hands.

what's the date for this event?  and where?  - thanks, Sally

wmkelleo - email me and I'll shoot you my Southern Fighting Guys list - tons of contact info - about 40+ pages.

email out.

Lawdy and Hiza... you've got mail

what's the latest? Did a Bham guy get on this card? EXC is HUGE!

THis is on showtime I think and then on the 15th is Nick Diaz on Showtime Elite XC PPV!!!!

it's this friday, so I doubt he will do it now with little to no notice. he was in shape for it, that's for sure.

It' actually next Saturday.

same night as UFC 74: Randy vs Napao?

yes, unfortunately

ouch. I thought it was moved to the preceding friday. Oh well. I'll at least be able to Tivo it or see the replay on showtime later that evening/ sunday.