need 2 clips

I finaly got my own computer. And want the highlight of cro cop with evanesence. and the one with that bad ass muay thai fighter i forgot his name but i think the clip was up last week.can anyone help?

Which Cro Cop clip is the one with Evanescence? I thought I had all of the Cro clips but I'm apparently mistaken.

ttt for info/that clip.

BTW.....Amy Lee rocks my socks

u mean Baukaw and ya theres the evanescence one.

ttt for info on Cro Cop highlight with Evanescence



buakaw por pramuk is the thai fighter. I have two different ones of him.

do you have an email address to send them to?

useless, or anyone, which CroCop vid on is the one with Evanescence? I have some of those on there, but I don't want to download all the rest just to try and find it.

Thanks, ttt

hey MCC my if you could send those clips it would be great. thanx

jwi- I dunno, I just know that subfighter has a huge seletion od highlite videos. and i rememebr seening a few cro cop ones there

Dirt McGirt - my emails bounced back, it seems your hotmail mailbox is full. clear out some space and I can resend them.