Need 2 fighters for May 6 Amherst

I need two match-ups.

1. 165-70lb fighter 1-0-0

2. 180lb fighter 1-0-0

Driving distance only. Pays 2/2.

This fight is at the Mullens Center in Amherst Ma. on May 6.



I wish I was the UFC matchmaker.


NICE! I just got my 170lbr. Come on 180's someone step up.

MMA fights in Amherst finally? Ooooh :-)



180 slot is filled.

Now I need a 125-30lb. (beginner only)

Who is th 125-130 fighter?


Joe. You thinking Nick or Kenny?


What's the card look like?

And where can tickets be purchased? (It's only about a 45-minute drive for me! I want to go!)

the little guy is Amphone Phomachak or "Po" as we call him. You've probably seen him in the novice division of the DL tourneys. He's the little jacked Vietnamese guy. He's 126lb. Very novice but just wants to fight.

His would be opponent William Suarez (cousin of Eddie Felix) was tragically shot and killed last night.



Wow. How sad.


yikes that stinks. lit I'll call you tonight if we have someone.

I think Joe is thinking Kenny Lovetere, who's 1-0, and 130.

Thats terrible!


Tee Soul (AMMA) vs Danato Borrelli (Team Pedro)

James Mead (Amherst) vs Rick Fortin (Murphy's)

Craig Gunder (Section 8) vs Jack Welby (Boneyard)

Eloy Kaminski (AMMA) vs Vinnie Papia (Team Pedro)

Andrew Montanez (Section 8) vs Jack Wilmarth (aggression)

Leon Aldrich (Amherst) vs Earl Bauer (Unleashed)

Dan Covel (Tai Kai) vs Andrey Nevski(MSA)

David Woodby(Hells Kitchen) vs Jed Tinlin (Boneyard)

I'm still working on a couple more fights. Some of the fighters have tickets to sell. I know ticket master also has tickets. And they are cheaper than usual.