Need a 135 am Feb 27th Wilmington NC

I need a 135AM to fight a 0-0 AM Saturday, Feb 27th in Wilmington, NC for Carolina Fight Promotions. $100 travel reimbursement. Must be from NC, SC, VA, TN, GA.


Relson, how's that card shaping up? Can't find a lineup anywhere.

This is the only fight we dont have matched up. I cant really release the full card until we submit it to the commission and they approve it. I can tell you I have 3 ams, Evolution has several ams, and pros on the card, and it is going to be great match ups. We will have one more fight in Wilmington in May before we go back to Myrtle for our monster show there June 5th.

^ Cool. I'm anxious to see what the three pro matchups will be. I've heard Garner will fight somebody. Butch Marks maybe?

still need a 135 am vs a 0-0 am

I am a 135 lber from Virginia, wanting to make am debut...more info??

Fight will be with Carolina Fight Promotions Feb 27th, at the Schwartz Center downtown. Opponent is 0-0, not very experienced. $100 travel reimbursement. CFP is the largest MMA promotion in the southeast. You can look at our website, MMAPlanet, if you are interested, call me 843-240-3714, and I will get the ball rolling. You must have a dilated eye exam, neg HIV and HEP B AND C done.


Is Brandon Garner fighting Jon Owens in the main event?


My bad. I had heard BG was fighting on that show but I guess he's fighting on a later one. I wonder who they'll get to face Owens. I'm just glad to see Jon doing better after that fight with Butch Marks.

I think we will have Jon and Brandon on the June 5th card in Myrtle Beach.(not vs each other)