need a 145 fighterAOF that has balls MIAMI

well we know who im talking bout
MR Hollywood
a trained jedi vs the ignorant

we take the fight on a min bid

 You talking about me? Ill fight anyone. I already beat the piss out of one of your purples what do you think Im going to do to the green ass guys you have in your camp now?

I just got back from Mexico lost my phone over there if you want me on AOF have them email me Ill be picking up another phone tomorrow.

If you arent talking about me have a nice day.



hes a scum bag

 LOL you are truely one of a kind!!!!!!

 Prisco never did anything to me I just wanted to train more and work less thats why I left. Ill fight Rob, Ron whoever the comission will approve.

 And when you call me ignorant were you talking about when I was a white belt with wrestling and boxing that compltely dominated your purple belt that was 3-0 at the time?

keyrat - lol all i want is for u to blast mr prisco
on record! or fight us!
he a fuck head and need to be killed

How are you going to kill me Yanez. With your superior MMA skills. Maybe I should post your only fight once more. By the way, the Press Box has their Happy Hour from 6-8:00 pm.

 Incase you missed it the other thread Mike I will not fight again if Ron knocks me out.

dang yanez is back and i missed it dangit

lol nice i love that song