Need a baseball style hat, can’t find one that I like

OG halp! As title states, need a ball cap. I wear one like once a month but I don’t like the one I have anymore. It’s from a local sporting event and it kind of sucks.

I’ve tried to find one I like but I can’t. I also hate sports team hats. What do you suggest?

Obviously gay/dick hats coming …


I like to wear this one to church:





Last one…promise!


Baseball style hats come in a variety of designs, shapes, and materials.

Can you help us understand what you are looking for?


Trucker style?





Low top?

Small or large bill?

anyone else bothered by the fact that most baseball style hats have crooked brims that dont properly align with the cap part?

the closest, even fitting brims ive seen tend to be actual baseball brands like Lousiville Slugger, dimarini, evoshield, wilson, etc.

outdoor style brand, “Pistil” also has pretty even brims


I used to make sports uniforms and you wouldn’t beliieve the amount of styles/materials baseball hats come in.

To be honest, if you ever find one that you like, once you know, go back and buy about 20 of them because the chances of someone making that style for a long period of time are slim.

i do that

buy multiple of the same hats and shoes all the time out of fear of them discontinuing or changing them up

what is so hard about making the brims fit evenly on a baseball cap, though?

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The issue here is making hats that people like vs making a quality hat.

Visual vs construction.

The problem is that a visually appealing hat can be poorly constructed but a well constructed hat is usually good looking.

But there is a price to be paid for making it well.

Usually that is where the people who make the hat make their money and where the consumer gets screwed.

You poor bastard, you have the same personality disorder that I do. I notice flaws in things too easily and if I really like something, I’ll often buy multiples for fear that they might discontinue it.



Clatty, you don’t like any of the MLB ones? I feel a bit too old to wear hats out of the house, but I’ll throw on an MLB hat and wear it around my house. 7 or so years ago I’d still wear them out of the house sometimes.

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The problem with many of these designer hats is they are poorly made but they retail for big bucks.

People buy them for the name, logo, or look, but they are made poorly.

It’s a pet peeve of mine.

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I used to use some “New Era” style fitted hats when making orders that were nice.

They used to be a good brand but I don’t know about them now.

Also they had a few shape/styles.


i believe it is actually “smart” shopping
if you like something and think it is perfect for you, personally, and that you will need to go through multiples over your lifetime…why not buy a bunch of the specific product at once if you think there is a chance they might not make them in the future

im not the type of person that is into getting the Latest version of whatever it is, esp when it isn’t tech related at all

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Hats manufactured by Richardson tend to be good I’ve found. Specifically the Richardson 112


download (29)

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