Need a baseball style hat, can’t find one that I like

I’ve thought about one of those.

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They’re all I’ve been buying lately. I’ve got dress style and casual style scally’s.

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I’d love that combo. I’d wear it tailgating


Found one that’s more suited for your tastes…

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…why do you hate me?

Spongebob Squarepants Ngapa GIF by The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run

I don’t hate you. I already ordered one for you. lol

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I think I’ll buy one and wear around Boston next April

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I just ordered some of these for my charity. I only ordered 6 to see if the quality is there. Hope so…

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Not Safe For Work Reaction GIF

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that looks like the onset of a pedo adventure

I’m not a fan of the mesh and foam style trucker hats.

They are cheap to make and great for promo stuff but they don’t stand up and last well.

I find they too often ride up on the top of your head and look kind of dorky too, you have to have the right head shape or foam trucker hats look dumb on you

They are also really only good for screen printing as the foam gets mangled terribly when trying to embroider on to it.

thats actually me and my daughter…

i love them bc I have a HUGE head!

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Bob Barker

OP is a dork so this should be right up his alley


This is true.

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