Need a break (Blue Name Contest)

Need to get away from the UG for awhile. The stupidity following this particular event is off the charts.

So if I'm going to look around your sandbox, I should at least bring some toys.

Best images posted on this thread over the next 48 hours. Top 2 get a blue name. Criteria is purely my opinion. Category is completely open (no after dark and let's keep it around PG-13). A 3rd for the person that the most posters say should get one.

If you don't want to post a pic and want to post your opinion on which images kick ass, do it.

This could go really well... Or really poorly... Either way, I hope you enjoy and I can buy more blues in the future. Phone Post 3.0

Can't post pics without a blue shrugs

Uploaded with Imgupr

Uploaded with Imgupr

Post links, if blues don't mind, post whose picture you posted. Phone Post 3.0

If a blue wins, they can extend their own name for a year or give it to a mud. Phone Post 3.0

RatFink understands the spirit of the competition. Voted Up!! Phone Post 3.0

Need help from a BLUE.

Child lived because she fell on top of her Mom, who died.

Pulitzer Prize winning photo. Phone Post 3.0

RATFINK13 - Phone Post 3.0
Phone Post 3.0

in for giggles Phone Post 3.0

In! Phone Post 3.0

Well. This thread is fucking stupid. Phone Post 3.0

look close

Phone Post 3.0