Need a home workout no equipment

Hi, can someone suggest a good home workout that requires no equipment that would focus on cardio. I need a beginner routine because I get tired walking to the refrigerator for ice cream.

Where do you live?

I live Canada. what does that have to do with it?

I have mats in my basement and I think bodyweight stuff would probably be best, but I need a progessive routine.

Do you live near hills or mountains? God put them there for you to climb.

I can't believe nobody suggested Scrapper's workouts yet... go to and go to workouts, pick the first one and go ahead :) the site has everything you need, from exercise descriptions to multiple sample workouts. have fun

If you get tired walking to the fridge you're going to want to die before you get to the end of the pushup pyramid at the start of Scrappers #1.

Just drop the reps on each set so that you can complete the whole thing, and build up from there.


Bodyweight stuff is an option, so is isometric exercises using household items.

scrappers workout #1 is great for a poorman.

squats, pushups, dips, pull ups, burpees, etc.. use your own weight.

Use Scrappers workouts. They are the tops.


Use Scrappers workouts. They are the tops.


Invest a couple a bucks for a bag of sand or salt. Throw it in a heavy canvass bag so it will not break on you. Clean and jerk it, curl it, squat, press it, do rows with it, repeat until you puke. I find this works well as a circuit. Throw in some ab work and your good to go.

I use a old backpack, this has the added advantage of letting you take your sandbag for walks through the neighborhood. Plus there are some addition exercises you can do with it on your back.