Need A Light Routine Please

I have spondylolisthesis (vertebrate slippage), 4 ruptured disks and a cracked vertibrate. This was all due to 23 years as a stonemason.. Lifting heavy rocks, pushing wheelbarrows, carrying buckets of mortar, etc.. I have been through pure hell the last several years and am finally at a point to where I believe I can start a light exercise program. I just did 3 months of PT , and have been walking 2-3 miles daily.

What body weight exercises can I do that put no strain on the lower back to build my upper body back up? Push-Ups, and lifting weights are out of the question at this point. Would something like a total gym be the way to go?


Hillbilly, when my back was really screwed up a
couple of years ago I used cables that I made from
surgical tubing to exercise with. All it takes is a set
of cables and a bit of imagination to get a good
upper body workout. There are books written on
cables and if you want to buy them they are
available at most places that carry any kind of
exercise equipment. Hindu/Shootfighter squats are
great for the lower body and if you use good form
will help in your back recovery. If you want more
info on how I used or made the cables let me know
and I will try to post it.


The best way out of it is to use resistance tubing or stretch bands. Do not spend $300-1000 on fancy sistems like you mentioned. All you really need is a set of resistance tubing($15-3 in any sporting goods store) & 3 rings inthe wall-floor, chest,overhead level. Also if you can try to start swimming. Do not run!!!!.Use jump rope instead. Good luck! Keep us posted.

That sounds like a great idea! Where is the best place to buy surgical tubing? Drug Store?

I got mine at a medical supply store, and that was
in a small town. You might be able to get it in a
drug store or they could probably order it for you.
You might even try looking on line.


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