Need a new BJJ Gi, suggestions? (Pics Included)!!

I need the OG's vst array of expertise. I am in desperate need of a new Gi for BJJ. My current one is an old cheap and nasty little fella, so I am in desperate need of an upgrade. Do you have any suggestions?

Any brands I should stay away from?

Should I go for the standard white or is it acceptable to have a black or blue Gi if you are not a BJJ Master?

For your troubles I have included a few pictures.........

Atana gold weave. You're welcome.

Also, wfa. Phone Post

^^^Atama Phone Post

Stay away from Warrior One. Dude that owns it posts on here and will prob call me a dildo or something but the gis are something retarded like $35 or something so I took the risk. Jacket is a complete fuck you. Pants are nice. Jacket is entirely too stiff and reminds me of those things they put dudes in when they train police dogs.

I like all Tatame stuff.
Gameness is also pretty solid for me.

check --they have daily deals on 1 item at a sale price. Today they have nogi shorts, tomorrow might be a cup, Saturday might be a gi. They have at least 1 gi/week and it's always a good gi at a discount price.


Fuji is probably my favorite, its a workhorse, cheap and will take years of abuse. Phone Post

I got a "Tatami Estilo Premier 3.0" and I'm really liking the fit and feel of it. Phone Post 3.0

I think Soyos are on sale now, too.

Thanks Guys, all voted up!

Recently a bunch of people at the gym I go to bought Origin gis. I do not have one but everyone seems to really like theirs. Super light and doesn't feel rough or stiff. I think they have a video on there website talking about them. They are pricy.

while i don't have one, my next choice would be origin gis. made in the u.s.a so complete quality control.

I have a toraki gi (judo) which is great quality (it was from pakistan though). they do have bjj gis. reasonable prices, and after doing judo, i can say that the gis have been durable.

One of the best bjj gi's I've tried on fit wise is the mkimonos gi.

neither mkimonos nor origin are cheap, but i feel you get what you pay for.

also at tourneys, i see more blue and white. black is hotter anyways.

Scotty always has a sale on good stuff,and is a regular poster here.
Also WFA Phone Post 3.0

Lucky gi Phone Post 3.0

I like my Shoyoroll's and Ctrl the best Phone Post 3.0

XGuard gis are very nice! Phone Post 3.0