Need a new show to binge watch



New one on HBO max “Mare of easttown” that is ridiculously good. Also quite a bit fucked up.

Here are two greats.

Fauda - Israeli bad asses doing what they do.

Killing Eve - female hitman obsessed with Sandra Oh. Similar to the Patriot. Fantastic in every way, especially the soundtrack.

And a weird bonus: Flynt (or Flint) on Amazon Prime. It’s a ripoff of the Stallone First Blood movies, done as a Russian tv series. This is must see tv, just for a peek at what the Russians like.

Upload on Amazon is a solid series. It does have a bit of perky humor in it, but I feel its added so it doesn’t become a dark episode of Dark Mirror. Basically people sometime in the future have learned how to digitize the human mind and conversely put peoples minds who have died onto virtual worlds but they’re still allowed to interact with the real world.

I’ll second someone elses suggestion for The Good Place as well. It has the same type of story structure as Upload and same type of humor, just a different theme.