Need a quick MLC (Martialarts Legitnessity Check)

Can the UG give me a quick MLC on the "tiQar System Defense"
To me it looks highly legit, every real life situation was handled successful.

How well would they do in the UFC with 3-4 months of sprawl training? not at all, since Dana would outlaw those moves to protect his investment.

Situation 1:
You're sitting there and are doing your back excercise. It's important to have good posture, especially if you have a desk job. When all of a sudden...

Situation 2:
You're chillin in your car when you suddenly get carjacked by a pro. You can see that it's a pro because he makes sure there is no distance at all between him and his agressee.
Variant A: You got shit to do, places to be:

Variant B: You are bored and have nowhere to go:

Please not the horn, which probably will confuse and possibly unbalance your opponent even further.

Lol, for some reason I was expecting him to shoot at the end of that clip.

and to end it all...

that's how you handle real life shit. it works even better, if the floor is covered with broken glass.

MLC passed with flying colors if you ask me.

(never mind the duplicate clip after "even further")

I think that you need some sleep.

You do not seem to share my passion for this epic system?


i love the "what? you took my gun?" expression...