need a Secure FTP for Linux

I am taking a Linux Administration course, and am doing a project to set up an Apache server, with PHP, Perl and all that, and a secure ftp. I know what to do for all the sutff, I was just looking for a suggestion on an FTP server to run. Any suggestions?


PB is correct (other correct answer is "ftp with kerberos"). But RH Linux enterprise runs vsftp. So if you want a "standard" that might be the one.

Well we are running RH8.0, which I think has vsftp. Is it considerred secure though?

Yes, vsftp is considered secure as far as I know.


vsftpd is a good package, plus it is not that difficult to get running.


it depends on what you need to do with the server.

if you need to do Anonymous FTP... then something
like vsftp or PureFTPD would be the correct solution.

if you have set-up accounts with passwords, you
should be using the sftp protocol over SSH.

as asdf pointed out, you can also use Kerebros, but
that's significantly more complicated for little gain
compared to sftp IMO.

Secure FTP is the actual name of the sftp protocol,
so you need to be sure that is what your teacher
wants is Secure FTP, and not just a FTP server that
is secure....