Need advice: Best fat burn caps?



ttt has a product called "Fire" that is awesome! Tell them I said contact them. The CEO is Chris, great company!

Jeff "Iron Shin" Strickland

Hey Erik, they sellin' that at GNC nowadays? Goes to show you how long it's been since I stepped foot in a GNC ... wowza!

CLA worked well for me when I was taking it. I believe the same things are in fish and flax oil though. Does that ephedra shit work if you don't really workout much? Anyone have personal experience with that?

Clen blows that shit out of the water. If you add it to your ECA stack, you'll lose a shitload of weight, even with a cheap brand like Oxyflux. The only problem is, you can't buy it in stores. But, if you know where to look for it, it's not that hard to find.

Also, if you want to kick it up another notch, you can also stack T3 with it. However, unless you're looking to drop into the single digit bodyfat percentages, you won't need all of this stuff.

johnnynoname wrote:"has anyone ever tried DNP?"

Do you want to end up like Munzer or Benaziza? :) I wouldn't be surprised if Riggs used it to cut weight for his fight with Diaz. That shit makes your skin turn yellow, is way too toxic to your system, and leaves you waking up with your sheets soaking wet. They use it in pesticides and explosives for chrissakes!

Yes, dieting is the key. Without that, you won't get anywhere with your weight loss. :)

Looks like everything available now has "Guaifenesin" in it......what the F is that?

Noelle - try farenheit by biotest, its a fat burner specifically for sheilas / bitches, or women as they scientifically labelled as. Biotest are really good at hyping their products, im personally yet to be convinced but there a lot off ppl thay swear by them. Sure could be brain-washed sheep, but check it out. And post pics.

If no ephedrine, it's not going to do much.

ttt 4 later

tell me more about this cocaine is that how you say it??

lipo six liquid caps it rocks

Ross Enamait on ephedrine & boxers

"Boxing is performed at an anaerobic pace where combinations are fired in rapid succession. These products cause your heart to beat too fast. "