Need Advice: JD from Aust. Uni

Hello all,

I have a friend who has a Juris Doctor from an Australian University and has been practicing law (labor relations, mediation, arbitration) in Australia for a few years. He would like to come to the US and work. Having no clue on the matter and not feeling like searching the internet, I hope some of you might have an idea of some of the positions and work he might be able to do.

Any help or direction would be appreciated... Chopper

He can do one of two things depending on his goals. 1st he can come to the US and enroll in a JD program. Most of the schools will give him elective credit for the courses that he took in Austrailia. He takes the first two years of law school, which he can get done in 1 1/2 years and then he can take the bar exam in any state provided that the law school was accredited. He will graduate with a JD. Or he can go to an LLM program for foreign students, take 1 year of courses, graduate with an LLM and take the bar in states which allow a student with an LLM from an accredited school to take the bar. This limits his options as to the states he can practice.

Most people from other countries do an LLM.