Need Advice OG

OK... FRAT warning

I need to find a new job in the next year or so. No big rush but I cant/dont want to stay doing what I do now. I do like the area I live in and I have very close friends and family here and a couple other side ventures that I will have to leave behind and will kinda be leaving my partners with their finger in the dam so to speak.

There is nothing close by where I live now so I will have to relocate at minimum I will be at least an hour away but I havent found anything that close yet.

But this week I have my second phone interview for what would be as close to my dream job as I could ask for (cant keep holding out for Corvette test driver or Kate Upton bikini waxer). It feels very promising basically it prerry much feels like Im exactly what they want. Only problem is it is 5-6 hours away from here which is the only home Ive ever known and all my friends, family, etc. (it is 5-6 hours closer to other family but they are still 13-14hours away)

Money really isnt a factor. I will make more at the new job but not a large amount. My fiancee is willing to move with me wherever I want to go but isnt thrilled about being that far however she knows I would love the job and will support my decision. She can get a job about anywhere and wont have an issue (infact hates her curent job anyway). I will have to leave my dog n cats behind for an extended period/permanently (probably have to live in a small apartment for 6mo-1yr while my house sells) but both have good homes available to them If I have to do so. Also the areas are similar so weather isnt much of a factor either.


So Im torn between leaving everything and everyone behind and taking this job I would enjoy or holding out for something closer to home (but unlikely it will be as enjoyable for me as this job).

Take it. You have already said you can move, girlfriend get a new job etc. it really sounds like you want to go but are just waiting for someone to tell you to.

Move. Don't look back and it will be the best decision you ever made!

Go for it my friend, no regrets! Phone Post 3.0

^ Agree. Go for it. Jobs that you can love are not typically easy to find.

Find your place in the world young man.

What kind of work for new job if you don't mind me asking.

Willie Makitt - What kind of work for new job if you don't mind me asking.

Its nothing really that special and I dont want to talk about it much, mostly its my dream job bc of the industry it is in and the company it is for and what I would be doing there.

Yeah I do really want the job.....just dont really want to leave either.

It sorta stems from the fact I do kinda have a "super hero" complex. I go out of my way for everyone and do alot for those around me and I feel kinda like Im being selfish/deserting people. As well as leaving some projects I started unfinished.

Good luck with your decision, just remember: