Need advice on job offer

I am currently working as a Network Specialist for a State agency. I was offered a Data Security specialist job for another agency within the state. It pays better by about 7k/year starting out. They give lots of training..and info-sec is definitely the field I want to get in. The cons are: The hours suck! I currently work flex time/first shift. My current employer is very flexible, I love the place I'm at...give me some suggestions...Thanks

i work the same shift. suck it up. you're in networking.

want 8-5? do another career.


Dude, swing is the best shift. You can party after work, stay out till 3 and still be fresh and sober for work. Or, go to bed right after work and not have to wake up till 10. Get up, run errands, go to the beach, whatever.

Take it if its the field you want. Shifts change, but you need that break in.

I probably would stick with my job. Most people don't like their job and that would be tough for me to give up.

 i work nights, 3-11:30 is definitely the best shift.

and what StephenL said...


I work 10pm to 6am and i think this is the best shift. 15% additional per hour and I get the entire morning when I get off to exercise or do stuff with my wife(she does not work) or I can go to bed when I get home and wake up at 2:30 pm and have all day to do stuff until I leave for work at 9:45pm.

I work 4pm to 1am...I love traffic.


i spend all morning doing stuff where i bump into very little traffic.

as mr slacker stated, i can wake up hung over.

workout at my gym at 1pm, go into the office for a couple hours, go back to the gym for lunch and take the kickboxing class. office is 5 min drive from office.

+ shift diff

office is much quieter. better for studying for certs.

StephenL, you do shift work as a network guy? What company?

Gotcha SL, big company=shift work available.

I like the smaller ones so that usually means daytime for me. But I'm super flexible right now, I basically just have a target date for my work to be done by, how and where I do it is up to me. :)

I don't drink or party but swing is plenty awesome for the traffic issue alone.

just gotta watch your speeding cause it's harder to see the cops at night.

how does the boss figure out your raise? do they give (example) 4% on the day shift rate or on the afternoon rate?