Need advice on workplace politics

Today, I was minutes away from securing a huge sale and not only that, but my first sale. I was working in concert with one of the managers and we had a great rhythm going. We were very close to finalizing a sale. There were some objections but we had a gameplan that would have worked.

However, before we could finish it, a different manager came in, got involved, and got us all fucked up and basically lost the deal for us.

When this person interjected himself, i was alone at the table with the client and was about to completely turn the table and implement our game plan. Since I am new, just got out of training, I didn't feel I could tell this manager to back off or tell him to leave. But as soon as the guy I was working with saw that this other manager sat down, I saw the look on his face like it was the kiss of death.

And I am not the only person this happens to. This manager has fucked up deals for a few other people that I know of.

After everything, I spoke to a few people who were confident that I was going to get the sale, and would have if not for the interference.

But they have no power to do anything about this person that screws up deals and interjects himself in every deal.

What do I do?

I don't want to make an enemy with him. I spoke briefly with the person that oversee's the office and whom the managers somewhat report to, and it seemed like he couldn't do much.

Drop it. If others don't have the power to do anything about this person then neither do you. You win some you lose some. Don't fight battles you can't win.

Reason why I believe I would have gotten the sale along with the manager that was originally helping me.

The Director of Sales, the Regional VP, and a handful of other managers/higher ups were keeping track. I was working with these clients from 930am until 4pm. I was top of my class in training, everyone has me pegged to be the first out of the training class to get a sale. Through out the day when I would go to get papers or what not, I would run into team leaders and managers and they all said the sale is mine.

The person that interjected himself is not in sales directly. He is more of a presenter. Most of what I hear about him around the office is negative.

I have seen him sit in on many tables in my few weeks there, and every time the reps that were working with the client were pissed off.

On top of that, the manager I was working with has more experience and specialized precisely in the situation we was working with. I take his word over the interjecting managers, as does the rest of the office.

Stop thinking about it, and continue to listen and learn. Phone Post 3.0

The manager you were working with should discuss the incident with the other manager. Do it positive and hope to not only end this incident, but have some protocol in place for the future.

I got atta-boys from many of the top people. That felt great. Now, it wasn't a completely lost cause. On the exit they bought a trial package.

The guys biggest objection was that he hates debt. He would rather come back in 6 months and pay a much higher price but cash.

This boggled my mind. Dude had amazing credit and would be able to pay the package off quickly with no penalties or interest.

It made absolutely no logical sense. Phone Post

Ttt Phone Post

You need to go up to him and do this Al Pachino monologue.

You should let it be imo. I think your best bet is to just suck it up, don't talk about it, don't gossip about it, don't bitch about it at work, etc. You'll get a chance to succeed again.

make a power move, and have him fired.