Need Advice

I'm wanting to take the next month and be very disiplined with my workout to accelerate what I'm trying to do in the long run. Right now i'm in pretty good shape at about 195 and do bjj 5x a week with muaythai and weights/2x . I want take the next 4 weeks and eat very clean meals generally low carbs with lots of chicken, nuts, fish, veggies, and drink lots of water. What I want to know is do you guys have any short term intensive programs designed for getting in great shape fast. I'm not concerned with losing alot of weight, probably 2-3 pounds a week is all I care to do. Do you guys have any good diet/cardio recommendations

I am no expert.. but I have been told and heard here that sprints are the way to go thx

Intervals are great for fat loss/combat endurance.

Just so you know, losing 2-3 pounds (of fat) is a huge amount of weight loss. Any more than 1-2 pounds and you're probably burning muscle, you want to avoid that.

adipose x program at

thank you
Coach Hale, author MaxCondition

Don't overtrain, you are already training quite a bit as it is.

I think you could fit intervals in 1-2 times per week. Your only doing 2 weight sessions and I assume lots of your classes include skill work, they are less draining than doing something that's conditioning based.