NEED advice!!

Alright.. I'm having trouble deciding which vid card to upgrade too for my comp so here's what ive narrowed it down too..

2: ATI XTACSY 256MB card

The radeon has more filters and comes bundled with Catalyst and is on sale for $199.00 US Dollars

But the other one is twice the refresh rate and memory, not as many filters and is only $130 US Dollars with a 30 dollar rebate making it 100 bucks..

My buddy works at Circuit City and he says go with the 256 cause of the better refresh rate and wont experience any slow down when Gaming but mainly I dont wanna miss out on any graphical aspects..The radeon has more filters but he says I wont be able to tell the diff between the two.. Only REAL REQUIREMENT the cards needed to have was a DVI-connection for my monitor..

Any Advice??

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DAYUM!! You gotta be jokin no one can help a brother out??


let me have a look

256MB on ram on teh video card doesnt do much for the refresh rates

but seeing as u need a 512MB card to play Doom3 on Ultra, go with the 256MB card

whats the prices on the 9800XT 256MB, of the X800 cards?

are u a hardcore gamer? if not dont worry so much

Not sure if they make a 9800 256... Ill have to look

I know I was seriously considering the NEW X800 but it's like 500 bucks and I dont game that much just when I do I dont want lag and dead pixels.. Im a Picture quality type of guy, I like to have the best possible quality.. thats also why I want the DVI connection so My monitior can be digital viewing..

They dont make a 512mb card yet do the?? Doom requires 512 for Ultra?? damn thats crazy, I wanted the new vid card ever since that came out but I just need to be able to play it with no slow down or shitty quality..

So you prefer the x800 or the 9800XT??

either or dude, X800 or 9800Xt, basically they are badass cards and I doubt u'll complain

hope u dont have a Mid Level LCD, or prepare for Ghosting hehehe

Personally, I cant see any reasons to ever by an Ati9800XT. The price you pay over a 9800Pro is way too much for the modest performance increase.

What CPU are you running? With a processor under 3GHz it would be a waste to get an X800 as they are pretty reliant on CPU speed. If you already have a monster rig, then an X800 will make it travel faster than light.

What is the native resolution on your LCD? If it's 17"(usually 1280,1024) then a standard 9800Pro 128Mb can handle Doom3 at a good frame rate.

I've got an X800Pro overclocked to 525MHz core and it is just beautiful to behold. My bank account hates me though

Don't buy the 9800xt. Buy the 9800pro with 256mb and flash the bios(i'm beginning to sound like a broken and you have yourself an xt. It's very easy and if you choose not to flash the bios you can always overclock it. Alot of the pro's go beyond the xt's clocks anyways.

I have one question for you. What exactly do you mean by the refresh rate? The reason I ask is because since catalyst 4.7 you can actually override the refresh rates. That means you can increase the refresh rate to whatever your monitor will allow. I'm assuming you mean the maximum refresh rate that the video card will allow the monitor to display? is that correct?

Ok I bought the ati xtasy 9200 256.. Onl because it was 130 buck with 30 dollar mail in rebate..I went for more memory so I experience no lag..

I have a 19" Envision LCD so what do you recommend for that??

I know nothing on how to "overclock" a card or what the uses are for it, ive been upgrading my system and am just learning whats good and whats not.. Almost bought a sound blaster audigy 7.1 audio card for my altec lansing speakers but have to wait till next week I think..

As far as CPU I got a 2.0 pentium 4 processor with 512 ddr ram ( but gonna increase to a solid Gig) once I get money..and im running XP...

Anyone look down on what I bought?? It has Catalyst as well as dual monito performance

aww crap just went to circuit citys website to lok for my audio card and decided to check into my cards reviews since I failed to do that before.. got a 4.4 over all but many people said they didnt like it and it didnt play the new games without turning shit down.. DAMN!!! now I may have to take it back and get 9800 from best buy it got an 4.7 overall rating

Look in the mirror and call yourself an idiot for the rest of the night!

LOL 9200 256MB card, the amount of ram isnt gonna help ur lag dude

Ur Internet connection maybe, ping time

gab is right about flashing the 9800PRO, totally forgot about that

Im gonna test it out first... I just installed it but havent really tested it to make sure I installed everything right..When I open the box it had a huge STOP sticker on inside that said write down serial number before installing cause it will ask for one but it never did...and I hooked my dvi connection up through montior how do I tell if thats working properly anyone know?

I bought Doom 3 to test it out on do i just install that and play ir for a bit to se how it reacts to card??

Ok i think im taking back this card for the 9800!!

In order for it to play smooth and no choopy movie scenes or even delay in movement I have to go into advanced settings and turn off the bump maps, name it I turned it off.. Only question I this because of the card??? or because of my system...?? I have a 2.0ghz pentium 4 CPU W/ 512 ddr ram.. Could any of that be the cause for this delay and drag with the extra filters on?? Any advice REAL QUICK IS NEEDED PLEASE.. The sale on the 9800 goes away today and if im gonna switch I need to get it today...


Ok i just bought the 9800... I shouldve listened earlier..ill return the 9200 that I compare both side by side I cann see the 9800 has 4 more pipelines that help with rendering so hopefully doom 3 will perform better..

Again will I need a faster cpu as well..most games only call for a 1.5 and i have a 2.0...Im gonna add more memory to put me at a gig of ddr soon maybe that'll help something??

Hey what is flashing?? How do I do this to basically make mine an xt??Is it good to do that or does it void te warranty??

Ok my comp system must not be as good as everyone else's or I did something wrong because I started up Doom 3 after installing 9800 pro.. and scan hardware for game settings to pre-configure themselves to the card and then I went to start a new game..

Well first off it wont even boot up from the start anymore, it'll do the loading screen but right when the cinematic beginning is about to start it boots me out back onto my desktop.. So I restart my SAVED game I had before switching cards and it loads up then, not as choppy as the 9200 but still is.. so even with this card I have to turn everything off again and it still lags a every now and then..something the 9200 didnt do when I turned stuff off... but I was playing cause it only seemed to lag when alot was goin on and then as a bunch of stuff started happening doom 3 booted me out again..

WHAT GIVES?? I thought this card was the shit and played games like these no prob...Anyone know if it's the card setting or my comp in general..???

what mobo do you have? and what drivers are you using? doom3 has a specific set of "hotfix" drivers that boost performance significantly. Do a google search or better yet go to and go on the forums section to get any answers you need. Also, go into the drivers and check out the settings. You may need to fiddle around in there. I have an athlon xp barton running at 2.2ghz and a 9700pro all in wonder and the game runs fine for me.

If you tell me what kind of motherboard you have I may be able to help you overclock it to get some free performance. Another question, Do you have other applications running in the background when you play games? You should turn everything off while gaming. A lot of times stuttering is caused by programs in the background.

hope some of that helps.

heres a snapshot of my motherboard specs that I got from a prog called everest..

Anything useful??