Need Am Muay Thai fighter bad!

Hey guys,

We have our Muay Thai Meltdown this Saturday March 3rd in Des Moines. I need a match for this guy:

Able Mahaffey, 179, 5'11" 2-4, International Rules Kickboxing, leg kicks but no knees. This is amateur on a Pro/Am card.

Able's opponent was seriously injured in training during a sparring session. He ended up kicked in the groin and it lacerated one of his testicles, which resulted in him losing 1/3 of one of them during surgery...crazy shit!

Anyway, I could use some help here. I cannot fly anyone in on this short of notice, but I can pay your travel if you are in driving distance of Des Moines Iowa.

You can reply here, or contact me at or call my gym at 712-792-8178



holy testical!

doesn't sound too bad, he can still fight....



covers balls*

LOL Charles. 

That's why I never train without the STEEL cup.

How scrict are you on weight?

man, wearing a cup is imperative...

Just got word from Able, he is at 179 now, but can drop to 170 if anyone is in that weight class as well, so that would be 165-172.

On another note, the guys were not wearing cups and both knew it (so I am told) and that is just "nuts", no pun intended.

Personally i like the steel cups, but I took the strings out and slide it in a normal jock pouch, works GREAT!


LOL, hadn't thought of that angle, funny. Hey, I didn't post his name though, so it's all good?

tell his old opponent to GRAB HIS BALL and fight!

Contact MN Martial Arts Academy:

Andy Grahn may have someone for you...doesn't hurt to try.

Pete, Id like to get on a future card. Sorry i couldnt make it in Jan.

If I were only 100 lbs lighter and trained Muay Thai....

Oh well, I'll be there covering the event.

TTT for a replacement

Hey Mark, no prob. There will be plenty more. How's it going over there?

very good, wish i knew someone to help you out.


sorry we got a lot of people fighting right now in the next few weeks, we'd like to get on the may card though?