Need an amatuer fighter?

I know a guy trying to make his amatuer mma debut. He is a lightwieght with excellent boxing, good wrestling, and very strong for his size. He would like a fight somewhere in Ohio. If you have a fight for him then put the information on here or email it to me,

No one has anything to say?

try ICE contact Monty Coxs great show fiteiowa@aol

Drop me an email at and i will help him out... does he mind going to MI..


NAAFS has a great amateur series and runs shows in

my friend filled out an online naafs form but never got any form of reply.

Iceman..have him contact me direct at and Ill see that he gets on an upcoming NAAFS card. All fighters that submit apps with the NAAFS will eventually get a call but sometimes it takes a bit longer due to the increasing number of applicants.

Thanks a lot sir. He's a great fighter and puts on a great show.