Need Audio Expertise

So I have a Yamaha MOX 8 keyboard I have plugged into my PC with the MIDI-USB. I use Cubase to record, but the problem is all that does is send a generic MIDI signal to Cubase and it plays back through my keyboard. So if I go to export a WAV file it doesn't have any of the effects of my sustain pedal or any other tweaks I make.

I tried pluggin the output jacks on the keyboard (1/4 LR) to the an adapter stereo plug to the Line in on my PC...well the delay between hitting a key to make a sound and the time the sound plays gets delayed by like almost a second, so it throws me off when I play.

So WTF can I do...all I want to do is play in VOICE mode on the Yamaha and record the fucking sound. Is there a hardware solution for this like a Mixer or any other ideas?

Will spend money just not sure what to do

Well to be creative and "free" take the audio out from your keyboard and put it into your computer (like you are doing). You will record it with latency, but if you are only recording keyboards just turn the volume off on your computer and plug a pair of headphones into the keyboard.

Otherwise get a better soundcard to use with your computer. I've been using the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB interface for the past year or so and it isn't bad for $199, not really much latency.

I need to upgrade though, so I'll probably go for the RME Babyface...but that thing is like $750...but supposedly really nice with almost zero latency.

I like both ideas. Thanks!!

Another question: so what would be my idea setup if I want to take the audio ouput of the keyboard (not just a midi signal but all of the effects I have running)? I'm guessing it would be take the 2 Mic 1/4 jacks and plug them into the Audio Interface device, then plug the 2 of the line outs to PC and the other 2 to the monitor speakers?

MIDI is not going to send the effects from the keyboard ever, right? Kinda confused on that

You got it correct with the above wiring.

The MIDI thing could work to control your keyboard as well.

Think of it this way, if you connect the MIDI IN and OUT of your keyboard to the soundcard/computer. Then you could record BOTH the audio output from the keyboard (two 1/4" cables) but also the MIDI notes that played those sounds.

You can then take those saved MIDI notes (in a seperate track) and then OUTPUT them to your keyboard, THEN it would "play" the song and the AUDIO output from the keyboard would be played out the 1/4" calbes again (like a player piano). THe good thing about that is that you can edit each individual note on the computer. The timing, the volume (velocity) etc. And you can use that MIDI file to play any device. You computer would even play the file with the default piano sound if you just played the MIDI file on your computer.

It's a motherfucker learning the MIDI stuff. I'm a little familiar with it, and getting better, but it can get REALLY complicated. SO you're not alone at all, and the online forums are a godsend for help.

I'm using Reaper as my DAW. It is as good as anything else out there, free to try, lots of stuff to use, huge support community and if you like it, it only costs $60 to get rid of the nag screen. I also bought NI Komplete for a ton of sound libraries and also bought a bunch of sound library sounds from SoundIron, SonicCouture, Cinesamples, VSL and some others.

I'm doing film score stuff for TV now, so it's cool learning all of this stuff...but MAN it is complicated.

Good luck!!!

Wow, you're right this stuff is confusing lol. OK, so I think maybe I'm having some pilot error then because I stopped using Cubase thinking it was not receiving my keyboard audio signal.

So what I found is this: Cubase is actually receiving the keyboard voice and the sustain pedal signal...but when I cut clips from the track (like I hit record and walk over the start playing there's a 6 second gap I cut out) then the sustain gets removed. Maybe because I clipped out the send sustain signal. So that's my first problem. The second one is, when I export the audio mixdown WAV file I get NOTHING.

LOL, I'll keep banging on it, thanks for your help!

I'm not that great a keyboard player, but I'm running into the learning curve of sustain pedal MIDI problems, velocities, etc.

Fun stuff, but man it takes a long time to find the answers to simple problems...and this isn't even part of making music, it is just the mechanics of getting the music into the computer.

So the problem with the sustain pedal is that when you press down it sends a MIDI signal. If you press down and wait a few seconds then play and then later edit to not have any leading silence and you cut out the "sustain on" signal then you lose the effect for the subsequent notes until you click up and down again.

Yeah I've found that out as well.

I've had to overdub just the pedal (on or off) after I've done some MIDI editing otherwise the pedal is stuck in the one position for the rest of the song.

Fun stuff, lol