Need belt requirements listed

need orange belt requirements for judo B.C. Canada can someone please list them for me so I can train at home my work hours are in the way of training at the club right now Thanks!
I'm not sure if the requirements are the same for each club.

Hi Jason,

At our club, you get promoted differently depending on whether they're into competative or recreational judo. Promotions up to ikkyu ( brown belt ) are left up to the club instructor. The requirements for dan ( black belt ) ranks are listed on Judo Canada's website ( ).

For recreational judo, the technical requirements for each belt are listed on the wall on a board that is the colour of the belt. Promotion is based on your ability to perform those techniques, the time and effort that you put into training, and your overall skill level.

For competitors it's a little different. You're generally promoted to the rank required for your level of competition. The idea is that you shouldn't be fighting in a division that you consitantly dominate as it's not good for your development or for the other people in the division. Also, competitors tend to spend less time learning techniques that are not directly applicable to their own style of judo, so making them progress through the full range techniques is counter productive to their development as competitors. It is expected that competitors take time in the off-season to learn the techniques that the skipped along the way.

Children have more time and lower competition rank requirements than adults and so tend to progress more slowly through the ranks.

That covers kyu promotions and as I mentioned above, dan ranks are given out by Judo BC in accordance with the regulations set out by Judo Canada.

I don't recall, off hand, the specific list of techniques required for orange belt, but I will try to remember to get them tonight and post them here later.

Thanks buddy! It would be great if you can list the techniques for orange belt so I dont fall to far behind.I'll be back January to train but in the mean time home study will be all I have.

As promised:

uki goshi,
ko uchi gari,
harai goshi,
tomoe nage,
ko soto gari,
tai otoshi,
ko soto gake,
utsuri goshi

makura kesa gatame,
kuzure kami shio gatame,
mune gatame,
kata gatame,
kuzure yoko shio gatame

hadaka jime,
ryote jime

ude garami,
ude gatami

Thank you very much!