Need comfortable steel toes. Recommendation/advice

Just got a new job, need to wear steel toes mandatory. Will be on feet a day, lots of walking. My last job wanted me to wear them and provided me with a pair of sneakers that they bought for $25 and they were so awful I almost couldn't walk after the first day.

I would like something breathable and comfortable. I will spend good money if I have to.

Any good recommendations?

Will add that I prefer light, small shoes or boots. Do not want/need big full boots, and they don't have to be warm.

John Deere steel toe boots.

I bought a pair of red wings after OG'ers raving about them. I will let you now how they are when they get here.

I'm using trainers. I think they started to use durable plastic. Also I'm caretaker so they are good for the job I'm doing. Small repairs, health safety checks etc

Check out Catapiller website. They have a steel toe that is a lot like a regular shoe. I forget the name off the top of my head -- but I have had mine for almost 5 years and wore them regularly.

Redwing's. Best boots ever.

Reebok steel toe sneakers,653,5129/1&dl=b

I have the Red Wing Irish Setters.*

lol I don't know how to post a pic

CavRyda -

Timberland pros the most comfortable boot I have found.*

My Red wings were probably the most comfortable steel toed boots I've ever worn. Expensive though. Boeing paid 50% of the cost though so they were definitely worth it.

Doc martins are the only boots I can wear with my shitty ankles.

Really your best bet is to go to the shoe store and try them on.

Skechers makes some surprisingly comfortable steel toe boots and shoes. 

Thrill Hammer - Redwing's. Best boots ever.

Redwing makes some awesome steel toe boots.